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1 point

I agree with that because the majority of people are going to be politically correct for what is a fun mascot and to ruin the whole picture because is is offending to that certain person but instead they should just tweak the picture like you said before.

1 point

Some people may be very offended by the mascots but I believe that the school mascot might play a very important role to the school and should be able to have a say instead of just having one person be angry and this would also save time so it doesn't have to be politically correct. Source Native american mascots devalues culture

1 point

Arguments about Native american mascots have been going on since 1972 and should be stopped. The people who have been fighting for their mascot that they find offencive should not have to be what and what isn't politically correct. Some of the schools might fear the outcome that is similar to Stanford's: after the name change, the school’s mascot became, inexplicably, some kind of floppy shrub. Source: Mind your own mascot

1 point

I believe that mascots shouldn't be changed. Also mascots are meant to strike fear in their opponents when they are challenged so if a mascot uses a stereotype to create that mascot that their opponents fear it shouldn't have to be corrected to something politically correct. For example the California high school mascot is a angry ‘Arab’ with a hook-nose, long beard, headscarf and all. American-Arab should not be offended just because that this one high school in California chose something intimidating. From the article Arab-Americans cry foul over California high school mascot

1 point

I believe that mascots shouldn't be changed. Mr. Cooper, a full-blooded American Indian says “If one person, if one child is offended, then we need to stop it." One persons opinion should not matter on a large scale of mascots of a sports team. From the article Native American Mascots Devalues Culture

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