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RSS 20tclausz

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1 point

(Add on) In this country we live by the principle of innocent until proven guilty. Those who want to raise the driving age have labeled teens quilt before they've` gotten in an accident or before they've even stepped into a car also says Alex Koroknay-palicz from the national Youth Rights association.

2 points

Another reason why not to raise the driving age is because, it really isn't doing anything. I believe this because most young age car accidents happen because of inexperience not age. Really the only thing raising the age is really doing is belaying the time of there death if they were to get into a car accidents.

3 points

I think the driving age should not be raised because It won't be fair by If your class mate gets in an accident, should your drivers license be taken away, of course not neither situation is fair raising the driving age will punish all young drivers for the mistakes of a few of their peers. says Alex Koroknay-palicz from the National Youth Rights association.

3 points

I disagree with you because raising the driving age won't save lives. studies show that it is inexperienced , not age, that causes accidents raising the driving age will just create inexperienced accident prone drivers at 18 instead of 16. Says "Alex Koroknay-palicz from the National Youth Rights Association

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