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The 16 year old may be "statistically" less responsible, but that does not mean the 16 year old does not have to take responsibility. Yes, the 18 year old may be more mature, but that does not prove anything, because either way, if a car accident involved the 18 year old, they are responsible for that accident. If a car accident involved a 16 year old, they are still responsible for that accident. Also, most accidents involve 2 or more cars, so both drivers are at fault.

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But lets say the parent has no spouse, then there is a problem with driving the kid everywhere. The parent needs to work in order for their life, and the child's life to be is good as possible. Now, that does not mean the mother could not be worried, but if the mother was that concerned, she would not let her child drive.

1 point

Driving age should not be raised. Kids need space, and space means doing things independently. Many teenagers have activities outside of school and need a way of transportation. With busy parents and no license, how is that 16 year old suppose to get where they need to go? It is very helpful and beneficial to the parent or guardian also. It gives the parents less things on their mind, giving more time to work and do other things that are necessary. Driving your kids back-and-forth to places takes a lot of time. "No Need to Increase Driving Age" states "Teens are involved in sports and other extracurricular activities at school, activities that often don't mesh with the hours of working parents. So they need independent transportation.

Many teens also have part-time jobs that require trips across town, or from one community into another - areas not served 24/7 by public transportation, if at all. Working parents also often depend on children to drive younger siblings to their various activities. Drivers licenses for teens Downstate are often major conveniences for families." ( article_42a3dbfb-4e86-5fa2-8655-44f08aadd228.html) Therefore, I believe the driving should not be increased because it gives parents and kids more freedom to do things.

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