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RSS 20rcaracci

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4 points

Another reason why I think controversial mascots should be banned, is because mascots are supposed to show an example for children, as many children idolize these teams with controversial mascots. The article "Arab-Americans cry foul over California high school mascot," they interview a person that works in civil rights. They state, "“Ayoub said that in nearly 10 years of working in civil rights he has never encountered a more egregious case of stereotyping. “And what makes it worse is that it’s coming from a school district,” he said. “They’re supposed to be teaching kids to respect other cultures.”

5 points

I disagree with you Mason. Although you might think that it is a sign of respect, that is not true. Groups and cultures get very saddened by these mascots because they make fun of their cultures. A story written by a Native American on, states "The R-word - she can’t even bring herself to say it - is the same as the N-word, says Harjo, president of Morning Star Institute, a national Native American rights organization. She finds it unbelievable that more than half a century after she was told to get out of that El Reno store, after decades of civil rights struggles and progress on race relations, Americans have no problem with rooting for a team called the Redskins.”

3 points

Adding to that, many controversial mascots portray groups and cultures in a cartoonish way, because according to the "Sports Mascots" by the Huffington Post, "…the name that is offensive, it's the cartoonish manner in which the mascots and symbols are portrayed,...”

4 points

I agree with you Preston because it is derogatory to different groups and cultures. An example is the Redskins, because it is referring to Native Americans that they have red skin. That is rude and stereotypical because not all Native Americans have red skin.

3 points

I think that we should ban controversial mascots because they look at cultures and groups in a cartoonish way. According to the article "Honor or Insult" by Scholastic News Edition, "Groups supporting the Wisconsin law say Native American sports references are insulting....they show American Indian culture in a cartoonish way.” This quote shows how it does affect groups and cultures by looking at them in a cartoonish way.

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